Thủ tục nhập khẩu hóa chất

About us

Cuong Quoc Company was established in 2011, formerly known as Cuong Quoc Import-Export Co., Ltd. specializes in importing and trading electrical appliances, electronics items, construction machinery, and equipment … In the process of development, in early 2020, we changed our name to Cuong Quoc Logistics Co., Ltd, operating in the field of global trade and logistics. With many years of knowledge and experience in the commercial field, we always fully put our responsibility on each customer’s shipment as if it were our own, always looking for the best and most cost-effective solutions for customers.

With the mission of operating for the success of customers, we always improve the company’s value through training knowledge, new policies in parallel with the development of skills, in-depth professional experience; Updating and applying information technology; Investing in equipping a system of modern facilities, meeting international standards and being environmentally friendly; a team of experienced consultants… and upholding core values ​​(professionalism, dedication, honesty, friendliness, prestige), making the difference of Cuong Quoc branded services and products.

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Business philosophy

Cuong Quoc Company is always aware that service quality is essential in its business field. With the slogan “YOUR SUCCESS – OUR MISSION”, we always strive to improve our services to serve thoughtfully and whole-heartedly customers aiming at bringing peace of mind and success to customers.

As a logistics services business, we strive to enhance our value as a global business by strengthening our state-of-the-art IT equipment and systems both internally and externally. Finally, we desire to raise the value of the team, contribute and support the common development of customers and the whole society.

Professionalism: Fast, accurate, on-time in every process

Dedication: Putting Customer’s interests at the center of all actions, taking Customer satisfaction as a measure of the company’s success.

Honesty: The staff is always honest in all actions and words

Friendliness: Always listen to Customer’s requests and serve them unconditionally.

Credibility and responsibility: Commitment to do exactly what was promised


Cuong Quoc Company step by step realizes its goal of becoming one of the most reputable and best logistics service providers and solution providers in Vietnam.


Becoming a strategic and reliable transport partner of customers thanks to the ability to provide flexible, accurate, simple, convenient, and economical solutions for customers.

Creating the best working environment with many opportunities for development, promotion, creativity, accumulation, and increases personal values for employees.

Becoming a focal point to help international businesses distribute and develop product business in Vietnam and help Vietnamese businesses bring cargo to international friends as well.